The night market is the most representative specialty in Asia, and the market at night is a continuation of the bustle of the day. Although there are no fresh ingredients, it is full of special food and interesting playthings, and people are happily strolling through the stalls in the night market, chatting happily and carrying bags full of food and drinks in their hands, and this experience of strolling through different vendors can now be experienced in the video slot.

NIGHT MARKET is a 5X3 reel game with beautiful lights flashing on the arches of the game, and the background music is filled with laughter and the sound of the vendors’ shouting, which is very lively.

Game symbols

In the NIGHT MARKET slot game, the game symbols are presented with shiny words. The fa chai game team chose the most representative Shilin sausage, the wild symbol and the scatter symbol to bring great help to the players, where the wild symbol is the symbol of the sausage, which can replace all the basic symbols.

The scatter symbol is the Chinese character for “night market”, which gives 12 free spins when 3 symbols appear on the 5 spins.

There are 8 basic game symbols, which represent the most unique food and toys of the night market. Pinball and goldfish are the most fun games from the past, chicken fried steak and pearl milk tea are the most representative food in Asia, and these basic symbols also have payment.