Japanese maid uniforms play an important role in this game. The maid cafe is the best way to design modern slots, in this game there are many attractive cakes, girls in maid costumes stand next to the cupboard of cakes waiting for the player to make a choice, players will spend time with their friends as maids and waitresses, talking about the latest trends. All players will enjoy a pleasant time together with refreshments and snacks.

The maid cafe game is presented in the form of 6X6 spins, these desserts and cakes on the spins are eye-catching and attractive, these delicious looking cakes also hide great rewards. When the cake symbols in the game are combined into bonus symbols, the cakes will disappear and other cakes will land, and these landed cakes will have the chance to combine bonus symbols.

Game Symbols

The number of these cakes in the table will help you increase the number of payouts, from simple cakes to elaborately decorated cakes, and also represent the level of payouts.

The scatter symbols in the game are the ones that enable the free game to start, if you collect 3 scatter symbols the free game will start.

The Wild Symbol is the teacup set. The main feature of the Wild Symbol is that it replaces all 6 common prize symbols, but is not the only Scatter Symbol.

When the game scatter symbol gives the player a great help, the chocolate strawberry cake can get 9-30 free spins by collecting the number of the symbol, so the more scatter symbols you collect the better the free spins you can get.


Although the Maid Cafe games no longer use paylines, the gameplay is more or less the same as in other online slots. You have the chance to win up to 30 free spins with the Wild Multiplier of up to 10x. When you try to collect enough paper cups to get the high jackpot.