Welcome to the world of voslot, a game designed to be flexible and fun for players with a variety of devices. You can help Ace hunt down the world class mafia godfather in this fun slot machine and get rewarded for winning the game. You can work seamlessly with him by spinning the slots and let him know what kind of rewards you want. The game is simple to play and easy to understand you can play it on your computer or tablet and smartphone in a freely scalable way.

Agent ace online slots are presented using 5X3 reels and these game symbols bring good rewards to people, agents must find you in the game to stop the gangsters that cause chaos to people and you can use special symbols in the game to contribute to your randomly generated rewards.

Free Games

In Agent ace there is a special time for free games, just collect bullets, which are scatter symbols in the game and get free spins for up to 15 free spins.

Game symbols

  • In addition to wild symbols in the game, there are several other symbols that provide high payouts, these basic symbols are related to the theme of the movie, agents, mafia bosses, boxes, pistols, watches, etc.
  • The wild symbol in the game is the world class mafia godfather, it also comes with a sheet with 3 styles, electronic watch, pistol, and carry case, through these symbols, it helps the player to complete the pay line and let the free spins set up, it is one of the most popular game symbols in slot games.


There are up to 25 paylines in Agent ace slots and when your wild or scatter symbol appears on a payline, they will bring you a bonus payout.