There is a martial arts game in voslot, it is a cool martial arts game, the main character of the game is a Chinese martial arts legend, known as “Bruce Lee” legend, 5 line boxing is also famous in China, Bruce Lee spread this kung fu from China to the United States, the RTP of the game is low to medium fluctuation, about 96%.

The 5 Boxing game is presented in a 5X3 reel with 243 ways to win. The background of the game is sunny, and there is a stake man on each side of the reel. The game team paid a lot of attention to the details of the game. We have also added some nice features to the game.

Game Symbols

There are two special game symbols, the wild symbol and the free spin game symbol. The wild symbol can replace all the basic symbols and help players to achieve winning combinations.

The free game can be played on 3, 4 and 5 spins. When you get 3 symbols, you get 2 free spins, when you get 4 symbols, you get 5 free spins and when you get 5 symbols, you get up to 20 free spins.

The basic symbols are the 5 lines of punches, each symbol is a kind of punch, Dragon, Crane, Tiger, Snake and Leopard, the 5 punches are the main expression of the game and these symbols come with payouts, the highest paying one is the Dragon punch and there are several other basic symbols that are often seen in slots, these symbols are the symbols that help players the best in the game.